Interior Design Selections:  What Are They and Why You Should Have Help

Interior design selections are all the parts of your remodel that happen after the walls are up.  Selecting cabinetry, faucets, toilets, lighting, and hardware are some examples.  In an average small kitchen or bathroom remodel, you may need to make 20-30 selections, if you have a larger room you may need to make even more.  Although that may not seem like a lot of decisions, it can and often does get a bit tricky.  Not only do you need to pick items from an endless list of options, but they need to be the correct size, be of good quality, coordinate well with all the other decisions, and fit your lifestyle.  These decisions will likely need to be made in a matter of a few weeks. Most people will have to do this in between their job, running a household, and managing kids, so they go to big box stores or spend endless hours online.  After all that, they feel let down and frustrated.

Let Everything Beautiful help you make this process significantly less stressful and I dare say fun.  We will meet with you to gather information and then start tracking down items that you might like.  We will select them in a meaningful fashion that will help to ensure a cohesive space.  All you do is pick your favorites or send us back to the drawing board to gather additional ideas.  We will need to meet in person to pick out flooring, tile, and paint, but the rest we can do online so that you can make choices throughout your busy day.  We will work to give you the best quality for your budget and help you to create a room that you love. Let us be the experts that guide you in making Everything Beautiful.

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