Finding Your Style


What’s your style?  If you are anything like me, your taste varies greatly.  Deciding what your style is might feel like trying to pick which child is your favorite (which can vary by the minute).  That being said, what if I told you it can be a lot less stressful than that?  Below are a few super simple steps to help you decide what your style is and how to add it to your home.

Finding Your Style

First as silly as it may sound, go through some magazines or check out your favorite online shops like Houzz or Pinterest.  Tag, clip, cut, copy, and paste the images that feel, like you.  For example, I can appreciate and love traditional style, but for the most part it feels too formal for my lifestyle.  Once you have 5-10 images, have a friend help pick out some common themes.

Finding Your StyleNow that you have your primary style, let’s work on finding your secondary style.  Selecting a secondary style is important; you don’t want to create a theme room where everything looks matchy or is from the same era.  We saw this a lot in the seventies, who can forget avocado green and dark woodwork?    What you do want to do is create a timeless style that fits you can easily be updated.  Look back at the images you collected and find one or two additional styles that you are drawn to.  Now add in a few of those pieces periodically to help break up the space.  For example, I find that I love modern, vintage, and farmhouse.  Vintage is my core, for this I would do vintage flooring and baseboard trim, then I would add in some modern furniture and maybe some farmhouse lighting.  This will keep the room from feeling like a theme park.

Finding Your StyleLastly, you might consider adding in some pieces that are on trend.  Pieces that can be easily switched out often.  Currently we are seeing a transition from cool clean rooms to warmer rooms with depth.  This is the perfect time to start adding in a few gold accents, some rich teal or mustard throw pillows, medium to dark tone wood accents, and maybe a new rug.  Your space will instantly feel updated with out a costly remodel.

Your style is going to continue to evolve and grow, but it likely won’t change completely, so don’t be afraid to invest in more expensive pieces that are your style at its core.

Happy Decorating!!

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