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Let Everything Beautiful help you make the selection process significantly less stressful and I dare say fun.  We’ll work to give you the best quality for your budget and help you to create a room that you love.

Let Us Be The Experts That Guide You In Making Everything Beautiful.

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Cathy is AMAZING at what she does! I would recommend Cathy to anyone and everyone! We did a whole house remodel last year, seriously almost every single inch of our house was touched. I just so happened to be introduced to Cathy right before we started our project. It was a huge undertaking but when I show people pictures of our home now they literally don’t believe it’s the same house, as a matter of fact most think the pictures are of a model home somewhere or from some magazine/website. I laugh when I have to tell them that “No, THIS is what our house looks like now!”Matt

Cathy did a phenomenal job as our designer on our main floor remodel project. She helped us create beautiful kitchen, family room, dining room, and living room spaces that were consistent with our style and budget. Not only does Cathy have a great eye, she was incredibly organized and kept the timeline of our project on track with her excellent organization and communication skills. She collaborated well with our builder and the retailers of our selections and addressed supply chain issues by generating solutions to problems before bringing them to our attention. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Cathy and would highly recommend her to anyone in search of a designer.Emily

More to Cathy’s credit, in the middle of our project with walls missing and holes in the ceiling (because we decided we were going stay in the house during the entire remodel) our 11 year old son at the time was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer that was Stage 4. Cathy saw when we were at our limit emotionally, physically and mentally and said “I got this” and took over the whole project for us so we could focus on our son and his chemo and radiation treatments along with caring for our other 4 kids. She took the time to learn what we wanted and had over-delivered to that point, so we trusted her 110%.

It is not just a figure of speech to say that we couldn’t have done this without Cathy because we absolutely could NOT have done it without her! Matt

Cathy is the best! I’ve worked with her on several projects, and she always brings a unique sensibility and creativity to each one. She’s a chameleon of style and can help you create a functional, beautiful space that suits you and your lifestyle. Cathy comes at each project with enthusiasm, practical knowledge and a keen eye for what will look good. I can’t recommend her highly enough – hire her and see what I mean!Samantha

Cathy has been amazing to work with on our basement renovation! Like the many other happy customers, I have been impressed by her ability to guide design choices that are at once beautiful, reasonably priced and functional to suit our tastes and lifestyle. She is clearly well-connected in the industry, providing us with skilled worker contacts and taking us to local showroom gems. I was suffering from serious decision fatigue and started to find the process quite stressful until I was able to lean on her for assistance. Cathy’s calm demeanor and passion for what she does brought back the joy that should come with home upgrades. Highly recommend!Angie


Let’s sit down and talk.
read more We want to know what you are looking for, what your timeline is, what your budget is, how often do you like to change things up, how do you use the room, and whatever else you feel is important. Let’s make sure we are a good fit for each other. At the end of the project we want you to have enjoyed the process and most importantly for you to love your space. If you decide to move forward, there is a $300 retainer. 1-hour design consultation $125.

Selection Design

You’ll pick items you love.
read more After our consultation we will have a pretty good idea of what you are looking for. We’ll find items we think you will like, that fit your budget, space, lifestyle, and show them to you for review. Often, we do this using a private Pinterest board where we can share ideas, inspiration, and our final choices.

Your job is to pick the items that you love or send us back to find additional options. We will work our way down the list of items that need selecting, all you need to do is pick the ones that speak to you, we will take care of the rest.

Kitchen cabinets, tile, flooring, and paint will be done in person. This is important because it ensures that we are creating a beautifully cohesive space.

Once all the items have been selected, we will send you a PDF with a complete list of your items. We can help you with purchasing, or you can choose to take care of that portion on your own. You can also give the list to your contractor to purchase for you. All selections will have identifying and purchasing information.


Overall Plans

3D plans are created.

read more We partner with iGreen Designs. They have 35 yrs. of experience and is our preferred architecture firm. We will meet with them to discuss the project. If you would like to proceed, they will set up a time for a site measure. Projects are typically done in 3 phases:

• Schematic Design – where they will draft up options for you
• Design Development- where we refine the options into one final design
• Construction Documents – where we finish the drawing package for permit.

Everything is done in 3D unless you specifically request something else. $100/hour.

Tile Layouts

Design layout of tile, if needed.
read more When we are working on a bathroom or a kitchen that includes tile, you and your tiler will want a layout of what it should look like. We will work together on the design and then have iGreen draw it up for approval. Tile layout drawings can take anywhere from 1 hour for something simple, to 4 hours for a more complex design. $100/hour.

Have a contractor, not a problem, we are experts at working in the contractor world.  Need a contractor, we can help you find one.