Color in 2020

Early in the fall each year, the major paint manufactures and of course Pantone releases their color predictions for the upcoming year.  I attended the color release party hosted by Sherwin Williams, it was amazing to see not only the colors but the inspiration behind them.

What to expect?  Lots of earth tones, remixed to soft chalky pastels, muted neutrals alongside vibrant deep rich tones, and lots of blues. The 2020 color palette has a strong connection to nature, finding your serenity, and taking time to enjoy life.

What we are not seeing is lots of bright reds and oranges, instead, you are going to see pinks, deep berries, and clay tones in lots of variation.

Mustard yellows, turmeric, and golds will pair up with dusty blues, deep cloves, muted greens, greys, and watery blues.

As expected, we are seeing more warmth, but we are not saying goodbye to cool tones.  They are blending to make harmonious color palettes that will leave you inspired, alive, nourished, and filled with peace.



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