Creating Joyful Spaces for You and Your Family

What is Everything Beautiful?  We are your selection partner during a home remodel and a small lifestyle boutique(Not sure what a selection partner is? Check out our Blog for a quick explanation.)

Our job is to help with the selection of interior items. These items are often referred to as selections during a remodel or refresh.  We will work directly with you to create a space that feels like you, on your BEST day.

Just looking for a few items to brighten up your room, check out our online boutique.

How the Process Works


Let’s sit down and talk.

Let’s chat about creating your perfect space. Share your style, timeline, and budget with us. Whether you have a vision or no idea where to start, we're here for you. Tell us whatever you think matters because it does! Our goal is a fantastic collaboration to help you create a space you adore. Excited? Kick off your project with a $500 retainer. Just need ideas? Opt for our $500 1-hour consultation for loads of wonderful tips and tricks. Let's make your space uniquely you!

Selection Design

You'll pick items you love.

After our consultation, we will seamlessly embark on crafting your perfect space. We'll shop side by side, giving thoughtful consideration to design, quality, and your preferences. Tight schedule? No worries—online selections and sample deliveries are available for many choices.

When it comes to significant decisions like kitchen cabinets, countertops, and paint, let's meet in person for a beautifully cohesive space. Your role is simple: choose what you love, and we'll handle the nitty-gritty details, ensuring your space feels just right.

Once everything's chosen, you’ll receive a handy PDF with all the details. Whether you prefer our assistance with purchasing, want to share it with your contractor for hassle-free buying, or you want to take charge yourself, we've got you covered.

Overall Plans

3D plans are created.

Need a visual or construction plans? No problem! We've fostered a fantastic relationship with Rays Designs, our preferred drafting company with over 10 years of experience. To proceed, we'll coordinate a site measure at your convenience. Projects typically unfold in three seamless phases:

• Schematic Design - Rays Designs will draft up various options for you to explore.
• Design Development- We'll refine the options into one final, polished design based on your preferences.
• Construction Documents - This phase involves completing the drawing package required for obtaining the necessary permits.

Everything is done in 3D unless you specifically request something else.

Project Management

Managing your project.

Sometimes, you have a smaller project and need someone to assemble all the pieces. We work with a fantastic group of trade partners and can help manage your project. From gathering estimates to creating schedules, coordinating vendors and site visits, we’ve got it covered. Project management isn't suitable for every job, so for complex or large projects, we can connect you with a trusted contractor. Each project management service is customized, and we'll discuss pricing and availability after a full consultation.

Cathy is AMAZING at what she does! I would recommend Cathy to anyone and everyone! We did a whole house remodel last year, seriously almost every single inch of our house was touched. I just so happened to be introduced to Cathy right before we started our project. It was a huge undertaking but when I show people pictures of our home now they literally don't believe it's the same house, as a matter of fact most think the pictures are of a model home somewhere or from some magazine/website. I laugh when I have to tell them that "No, THIS is what our house looks like now!"


Cathy did a phenomenal job as our designer on our main floor remodel project. She helped us create beautiful kitchen, family room, dining room, and living room spaces that were consistent with our style and budget. Not only does Cathy have a great eye, she was incredibly organized and kept the timeline of our project on track with her excellent organization and communication skills. She collaborated well with our builder and the retailers of our selections and addressed supply chain issues by generating solutions to problems before bringing them to our attention. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Cathy and would highly recommend her to anyone in search of a designer.


More to Cathy's credit, in the middle of our project with walls missing and holes in the ceiling (because we decided we were going stay in the house during the entire remodel) our 11 year old son at the time was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer that was Stage 4. Cathy saw when we were at our limit emotionally, physically and mentally and said "I got this" and took over the whole project for us so we could focus on our son and his chemo and radiation treatments along with caring for our other 4 kids. She took the time to learn what we wanted and had over-delivered to that point, so we trusted her 110%.

It is not just a figure of speech to say that we couldn't have done this without Cathy because we absolutely could NOT have done it without her! 


Cathy is the best! I’ve worked with her on several projects, and she always brings a unique sensibility and creativity to each one. She’s a chameleon of style and can help you create a functional, beautiful space that suits you and your lifestyle. Cathy comes at each project with enthusiasm, practical knowledge and a keen eye for what will look good. I can’t recommend her highly enough – hire her and see what I mean!


Cathy has been amazing to work with on our basement renovation! Like the many other happy customers, I have been impressed by her ability to guide design choices that are at once beautiful, reasonably priced and functional to suit our tastes and lifestyle. She is clearly well-connected in the industry, providing us with skilled worker contacts and taking us to local showroom gems. I was suffering from serious decision fatigue and started to find the process quite stressful until I was able to lean on her for assistance. Cathy’s calm demeanor and passion for what she does brought back the joy that should come with home upgrades. Highly recommend!


I'm so happy we found this website. Cathy helped us transform our home into a beautiful space. She started by helping us narrow our scope to fit our budget, which we really appreciated. Cathy then listened carefully to what we wanted during the selection process and worked diligently to ensure we were completely happy with our choices before moving forward. She made herself available during construction to hear our concerns and answer all of our questions. Cathy had great relationships with the companies who performed the work and collaborated with them to ensure we were completely satisfied with the results.


Cathy has excellent taste and a great sense of color. I love all of the finishes that Cathy helped me select and I get so many compliments from others, as well. Her friendliness and kindness make her a joy to work with. I highly recommend Cathy’s services!


Your space tells your story, let’s work together to make it a great one.